Best Happy Valentines Day Messages 2017

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Happy Valentine Day Messages 2017happy valentines day messages

Happy Valentine Day Messeges 2017 In English

It’s Valentine’s Day,

And It’s Really Quite Silly;

My Feelings Are Switching Around



If A Butterfly Comes Close To You,

If A Purfumed Rose Touches Your Face,

If Your Mobile Dances On A Nice Tone,

Remember Its Me Trying To Say You

Happy Valentines Day….


You May Not Love Me Like I Love You

You May Not Feel For Me Like I Feel For You

You May Not Care For Me Like I Care For You

But If You Never Need Me I Will Always Be Around For You

Happy Valentine’s Day


Today We Celebrate Valentine’s Day A Day Full Of Romanticism & Love With You However It’s Valentine’s Day Every Day I Love You! Happy Valentine’s Day Baby!


Every Time I See U I Feel Something In My ♥ It’s Like A Little Flame.I Love U So Much It Now Feels Like There’s An Inferno In My Chest Happy Valentines Day


I Do-Not Just Love U.

I Love That…..

I Get To Have U As My Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day…

Will You Be Plzzzzzzz????? Happy Valentines day messages


Heart Is Like A Bottle Of Perfume.

If U Never Open It Nobody,,,

Knows The Fragrance Inside It..

If U Keep It Always Open…

Soon U Will Loose Ur Fragrance….

So Plzz Act Wisely.

Dont Loose Like Me…

Have Good Valentines Day


Altough I’m Not A Millionaire I’ve Got An Awful Lot . . . Because I’ve Got The One I Love And Love The One I’ve Got. . .


If I Die And Go To Heaven, I Put Your Name On A Golden Star.

So That All The Angels Can See How Much You Mean To Me.

I LOVE YOU Happy Valentines day messages


I Was Reborn When You First Kissed Me. Part Of Me Died When You Left Me. But Now I Still Live, Waiting For The Day You Return To Me.

Happy Valentine’s Day


When I Look At You,

I Cannot Deny There Is God,

Cause Only God Could Have Created Some One

As Gorgeous As You……… Valentine day messages


I Love You More Today

Than I Did Yesterday,

But Not As Much As I Will Tomorrow


However Long You Live

I Want To Live A Year Less.

So There Is Not One Day

That I Have To Live Without You.

I Never Want To Feel That Pain

That Other Feel

Beacuse You Are The Only One I Need!!


2 B Loved Is Da Bst,

2 Fall In Love Is A Curse.

2 B Alone Is Unbearable,

2 Fnd Ur True Love Is A Dream,

2 B Aprt Frm Ur Love Is Painful,

2 Lose Da 1 U Love Is Death.


Love,Is More Than What I Have. Love,Is More Than What You Are. Love,Takes Me Where Ive Never Been. Love, Takes Me Where I Am Today. In Love,Is What I Am With You. Valentines day messages


U R My Love & U R My Valentine… I Do Love U & It’s True, I Never Knew My Life Without U I Wanna Live But It’s Only With U, Please Be My Valentine, I Will Hold U 4ever


In Life There R 5 Things U Should Never Lose


Self Respect









Well U Know My Name

So Be My Valentine


I Wish To Live In Ur Eyes

Die In Ur Arms


Be Buried In Ur Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day


Without Love — Dayz Are







Shatterday… So Be In Luv Everyday…

Wish U A Happy Valentine’s Day


If You Accept Me As Your Valentine, I Promise That The Only Way I’ll Hurt You Ever Is By Holding Your Hand Too Tight.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


My Adorable Darling My Princess Charming

I Think Of You Every Night, Every Morning

My Heart Is Beating, Coz Luv Is Starting

Missing You All The Time, Be My Valentine!…………..


Love For Me Is You…
With Every Heartbeat I Feel You More..
With Every Single Breath I Call Out Your Name..
With Every New Day I Grow Old…
But Love For You Grows Day By Day..
You Are In My Thoughts All The Time…
Would You Be My Valentine!


He Was My North, My South, My East And West,

My Working Week And My Sunday Rest, My Noon,

My Midnight, My Talk, My Song; I Thought That Love

Would Last For Ever: I Was Wrong –


The Date Sheet Is Out. Please Start The Preparation In Right Earnest.

7th: Rose Day

8th: Propose Day

9th: Chocolate Day

10th: Teddy Day

11th: Promise Day

12th: Hug Day

13th: Kiss Day

14th Valentines’ Day 2017


My Love For You Is Like Water,

Falling Countless…

The Beating Of My Heart For You

Is Heavy And Soundless,

The Feeling Of Being In Your Arm Is

Precious And Endless… Happy Valentine day messages


As Days Go By, My Feelings Get Stronger,

To B In Your Arms, I Can’t Wait Any Longer.

Look Into My Eyes & You’ll See That It’s True,

Day & Night My Thought R Of U!!


A Word To Say, A Word To Hear

Even In Your Absence I Feel You Near

OUR Relation Is Strong, Hope It Goes Long

We Will Remain The Same Till The Life Goes On!


A Candle May Melt

And Its Fire May Die,

But The Love You Have Given Me

Will Always Stay As A Flame In My Heart.


My Heart Is Made To Love You

My Lips Are Made To Kiss You

My Eyes Are Made To See You

My Hands Are Made To Hold You

Every Part Of Me Wants You

Because I Am Made Just For You



He’s Annoying;

He’s Hilarious;

He Makes Me Yell;

He Drives Me Crazy;

He Is Hot N Spicy

He’s Out Of His Mind;

He’s Everything I Want;

And That HE Is YOU!

Can That HE Be My Valentine? …


Your Eyes, Your Smile.

Your Touch, Your Kiss.

Your Promise, Your Words.

Our Everlasting LOVE N PASSION 4 Each Other

Happy Valentine Day!


Aakhon Me Noor Hai

Chehre Pe Suroor Hai

Koi Mange Mera ‘Number’

To De Dena Kyu Ki


<) )


Valentine Krib Aur Meri Shadi Abi Door H.

Happy Valentine Day………


Here’s A Wish From The Bottom Of My Heart That You May You Find:

The Beat Of Your Heart;

The Love Of Your Dreams;

The Partner Of Your Life;

And The Soulmate Of Your Longing!

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages !


Every Time I Miss You, A Star Falls.

So If You Ever Look Up At The Sky And The Stars Are Gone, Its Because You Made Me Miss You Too Much!

Be My Valentine!


DREAMING Of You Makes My Night Worth While

THINKING Of You Makes Me * Smile *

HAVING You Is The Best Thing Ever, And

LOVING You Is What I Plan To Do…Forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Tears Can Sometimes Be More Special Than Smiles…

For Smiles Can Be Given To Any One…

But Tears Are Only Shed For People We Love!

Happy Valentine”S Day !………. Valentines day messages


Love Is Loving And Caring For You In A Very Special Way.

Love Is Remembering The Simple And Special Things We Do And Say.

Love Is Remembering How Sweet You Are And Wishing You



I Thought What Should I Gift You


Then I Thought To Gift You A Few Words

Which Values More Than Every Thing

Be With Me Forever “Valentines day messages


Somewhere I Read Love Is Life

But For Me, You Are My Life

But Then I Realized That It Is Your Love

Which Make Me Live



I Have A Pair Of Eyes But Cannot See You Everyday.

I Have A Pair Of Ears But Cannot Hear Your Voice All The Time.

But I Have Only One Heart That Cares For You All The Time.


I’m Sending To You

A Verbal Bouquet;

My Love To You All;

Happy Valentines Day!


I May Not Say Always How Special You Are For Me, I May Not Reach To You Because I Am Busy, But You Are Someone I Really Love And Care For.


Gonna Change, ‘For I Break

Gonna Take Your Heartache

And Make It Mine This Time

Oh I, I Think I Will

Oh, I’m Gonna Run, Til I Find

Another Way To Make You Mine In Time

Oh I, I Think I Will ‘Valentines day messages’


D Smallest Word Is I,

The Sweetest Word Is LOVE

And The Dearest Person

In The World Is U.

Thats Y I Love You………….


Love Is Not How Long U’ve Been Together; Not How Much U’ve Given Or Receive; Not How Many Times U’ve Helped Each Other It’s How U Value Each Other   Valentines day messages


Sometimes When I Am Alone

I Feel Disappointed

But Suddenly A Nice Thought Comes To My Mind

Which Makes Me Happy

That Is, You Cares Me A Lot



Valentine’s Day Is For Love..

With Your Immense Love

You Made My Each Moment Colourful

And You Deserve My Real Love




I Am Sure God Sent You To This World

So That I Can Love You

He Selected You For Me Among Others

Because He Knew I Truly Love You




RED Is Colour Of BLOOD



LOVE Is My Relation With YOU

YOU Are For ME




Today I Closed You In My Heart And Locked My Heart

And Threw Its Key Into Ocean So That You May Stay In

My Heart For Always And No One Can Take You Away



Ankhon Ki Gehrai Ko Samjh Nai Patey Dil Men Jo Hai Wo Keh Nai Patey Apne Dil K Halat Kis Tarha Batayen Tumhen Tum Wo Ho Jis K Bina Hum Reh Nahi Paty….. Happy Valentinde Day Messages

Happy Valentine day Messages 2017 in Hindi

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Raate Gumnaam Hoti Hai Din Kisi Ke Naam Hota Hai Abb Hum Jindigi Kuch Ess Tarrha Se Jeete Hai,Ki Har Lamha App Ke Naam Hota Hai..

Gul Ne Gulshan Se Gulfam Bheja Hai, Sitaro Ne Gagan Se Salam Bheja Hai, Mubarak Ho Apko Ye “Valentine’s Day” Humne Tahe Dil Se Yeh Paigam Bheja Hai.


Ek Ajnabi Se Mujhe_ Itna Pyaar Kyon Hai..

Inkar Karne Par_ Chahat Ka Ikraar Kyon Hai,

Use Pana Nahi Meri Taqdeer _Mein Shayad…

Phir Har Mod Pe Usi Ka _Intezar Kyon Hai.

Happy Valentine Day…


Dil Krta H Zindgi Tujhe De Du,
Zindgi Ki Saari Khushiya Tujhe De Du,
De De Agar Tu Bharosa Apne Sath Ka,
To Yakin Maan Ye Saans Bhi Tujhe De Du. Dil Krta H Zindgi Tujhe De Du,

Zindgi Ki Saari Khushiya Tujhe De Du,

De De Agar Tu Bharosa Apne Sath Ka,

To Yakin Maan Ye Saans Bhi Tujhe De Du.


Har Pal Nazre Unko Dekhna Chahe To Aankhoan Ka Kya Qasoor ?

Har Pal Khusboo Unki Aaye To Saanso Ka Kya Qasoor ?

Waise To Sapne Puch Ker Nahi Aate ,

Per Sapne Hi Unke Aaye To Raato Ka Kya Qasoor


Khawish-E-Zindagi Bas Itni Si Hai Ab Meri..

Halaat Se Log Dur Ho Jate Hain..

K Sath Tera Ho Aur Zindagi Kabhi Khatam Na Ho…!


Teri Dosti Mein Khud Ko Mehfooz Maante Hain,

Hum Doston Me Tumhe Sabse Azeez Maante Hai.

Teri Dosti Ke Saaye Mein Zinda Hain,

Hm To Tujhe Khuda Ka Diya Hua Tabeez Mante Hai.


Ek Jhalak Ke Liye Taraste The Hum Apki

Phir Ek Din Aaya Ki Aapki Aadat Pad Gayi

Ab Nahi Kaat Sakti Zindagi Ke Din…

Jab Tak Aap Nahin Ho Jaate Hamaari…!!

Happy Valentines Day


Chale Gaye Hai Dur Kuch Pal K Liye,

Magar Kareeb Hain Har Pal Ke Liye,

Kaise Bhulayenge Aapko Ek Pal Ke Liye,

Jab Ho Chuka Hai Pyar Umar Bhar K Liye.


Meri Deewangi Ki Koyi Hadh Hi Nahi,

Surat K Siva Teri Mjhe Kuch Yaad Nahi

Main Hoon Phool Tere Hi Gulshan Ka,.

Sivaye Tere Mere Pe Kisi Ka Haq Nahi

Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart


Ajeeb Bhi Woh Hai Naseeb Bhi Woh Hai

Duniya Ki Bhed Mein Kareeb Bhi Woh Hai

Unki Duaon Se Hi Chalti Hai Zindagi

Kyunki Khuda Bhi Woh Hai Taqdir Bhi Woh Hai


Tumhari Yaad Aati Hai To Aankhein Bheeg Jaati Hai,

Tumhari Yaad Aati Hai To Raat Beet Jaati Hai,

Bhulana To Bahut Chaha Magar Yaadein To Yaadein Hai,

Kabhi Hum Haar Jaate Hai Kabhi Yeh Jeet Jaati Hai.


Zinda Hai “Shahjhan” Ki Chhaat Ab Tak..,

Gava Hai “Mumtaj” Ki Ulfat Ab Tak…,

Jake Dekho “Tajmahal” Ko Yeh Dosto..,

Pathrao Se Tapkti Hai Mohabbat Ab Tak….


Aankhon Ki Chamak Palko Ki Shaan Ho Tum

Chehre Ki Hansi Labo Ki Muskaan Ho Tum

Dharakta Hai Dil Bas Tumhari Aarzo Mai

Phir Kaise Na Kahun Meri Jaaan Ho Tum


Safar Wahin Tak He Jahan Tak Tum Ho,

Nazar Wahin Tak He Jahan Tak Tum Ho,

Hazaro Phul Dekhe Hain Gulshan Me Magar,

Khushbo Wahin Tak He Jahan Tak Ho Tum


Uske Naina Jaise Neel Kamal,

Uska Chehra Jaise Subah Ki Kiran,

Us Par Ye Baal Ghaneri Si,

Kar Deta Hai Pagal Tan Man

Laggta Jaise Mepichle Janam Se Hi Use Mukhatib Hoon,

Shayad Log Tabhi Kehte Hain Awara Aashiq Hoon!!


Saans Lene Se Bhi Teri Yaad Aati Hai, Hur Saans Mein Teri Khushboo Bas Jati Hai, Kaise Kahoon Ki Saans Se Primary Zinda Hoon, Jab Ki Saans Se Pehle Teri Yaad Aati Hai… Satisfied Valentine’s Day


Pyaar Ke Panno Se Bhari Kitab Ho Tum;

Rishto Ke Phoolon Mein Gulab Ho Tum;

Jo Log Kehte Hain Ki Pyaar Saccha Nahi Hota;

Un Logo Ke Har Sawaal Ka Jawab Ho Tum


Teri Zindagi Ka Har Pal Ghulab Ho Jaye

Teri Zaat Ka Mehwar Aftab Ho Jaye

Jin Pay Bersti Hain Allah Ki Khaas Rehmatain

Un Chand Logon Mein Tera Intekhab Ho Jaye


Teri Dosti Mein Khud Ko Mehfooz Maante Hain,

Hum Doston Me Tumhe Sabse Azeez Maante Hai.

Teri Dosti Ke Saaye Mein Zinda Hain,

Hm To Tujhe Khuda Ka Diya Hua Tabeez Mante Hai.


Meri Har Khushi Har Baat Teri Hai

Sanson Me Chupi Ye Hayat Teri Hai

Do Pal Bhi Nahi Reh Sakte Tere Bin

Dharkano Ki Dharakti Har Awaaz Teri Hai


Tumhare Muskurane Pe Me Har Dard Bhul Jata Hoon

Mile Jo Aanso Mujhe Zamane Se Me Unko Pee Jata Hoon

Pata Nahi Kya Baat Hai Tere Is Chehre Me

Ise Dekhta Hoon To Apna Har Dard Bhul Jata Hoon

Will You Be My Valentine…


Naino Se Naina Milakar , Mohabbat Ka Izhaar Karun,

Ban Kar Oss Ki Bunde,Zindagi Teri Gulzaar Karun,

Sanwar Jayegi Teri Meri Zindagi, Ishq Ke Safar Me

Thaam Le Tu Haat Mera, Me Tere Har Wade Pr Aitbaar Karun…


Chuhey Ne Kia Sherni Ko Propose

Gift Mein Dia Red Rose,

Sherni Boli Jakar Apni Surat To Dekh

Chuha Bola Surat Par Mat Ja Confidence To Deikh..


Unhen Chahna Hamari Kamzori Hy,

Un Se Keh Nahi Pana Hamari Majbori Hy,

Wo Kyun Nahi Samajhte Hamari Khamoshi Ko,

Kya Pyar Ka Izhar Karna Zarori HY?

Love You Jaan


Apni Hatho Ki Hatheli Per Nam To Likh Diya

Par Yar Na Socha K Taqdeer To Khuda Likhta Hai

“Happy Valentine Day For All Lovers”


Chale Gaye Hai Dur Kuch Pal K Liye,

Magar Karib Hai Har Pal K Liye,

Kise Bhulayenge Aapko Ak Pal K Liye,

Jab Ho Chuka Hai Pyar Umar Bhar K Liye…..

A Very Wonderful Happy Valentines Day..


Cute Love Story

Boy: Kya Main Tmhen Pyara Lgta Hoon?

Girl: Nahi,

Boy: Kya Tum Mere 7 Rhna Chahti Ho?

Girl: Nahi,

Boy: Agr Main Mar Jaon To Tum Ro Gi?

Girl: Nahi,

Larka Bohat Udas Ho Gaya Use Buhot Dukh Hua Or Wo Rone Laga,

Larki Ne Use Apne Qarib Kiya Or Kaha,

Tum Pyaqe Nahi Bht Khubsurat Ho, Main Tumhare 7 Rehna Nahi Blke Jeena Chahti Hoon, Agr Tmhe Kch Ho Gya To Me Roun Gi Nhi Mar Jaon Gi.!

What A Great Msg For The All Lover’s

Love Is Life Happy Valentines Day


Humy Aaj Aap K Any Ka Buhat Intazer Hai

Aaj Sy Baharoo K Musam Ka Agaz Hai

Humy Aap Sy Buhat Payer Hai

Humri Hr Darkan Main Bus Aap Ka Naam Hai

Apny Hr Gelyie Hr Shekwy Ko Mita Kr

Aaj Aa Jao Umer Bhir K Liye …

Aap K Liye Humra Dil Buhat Bykarar Hai

Humy Aap Sy Buhat Payer Hai

Happy Valentine Day!


Haqikat Ho Tum Kesy Tujhy Sapna Kahon

Tere Har Dard Ko Ab Main Apna Kahon

Sab Kuch Qurban Hai Meri Jan Tujh Par

Kon Hai Tere Siva Jisy Main Apna Kahon.

Happy Valentines Day


Aakash Ke Taroon Mein Khoya Hai Jahaan Sara

Lagta Hai Pyara Ek Ek Tara

Un Taroo Mein Sabse Pyara Hai Ek Sitara

Jo Is Waqt Padh Raha Hai SMS Hamara

Happy Valentine’s Day Dear.


Woh Pyari Si Hansi, Woh Uska Khilkhilana

Badi Masoomiat Se Yoon Nazre Milana

Jo Dekhu Main Usko Toh Uska Sharmana

Mere Dil Mein Hazaroo Umango Ko Jagana


Muskaan Ho Tm Is Hothoo Ki

Dhadkan Ho Tum Is Dil Ke

Hansi Ho Tum Is Chehre Ki

Jaan Ho Tum Is Rooh Ki

I Love You My Love


Dabbe Me Dabba,

Dabbe Me Cake..

Jo Ladki Mujhse Kiss Karegi,

Woh Hogi Lakho Mien Ek


Apne Gale Se Laga Lo Jaanam

Tera Deewana Hoon Main..

Pyaasa Hu Tere PYAAR Ka Ae Sanam

Dil Se Mujhe Apne Bana Lo Jaanam!


Koi Chand Se Mohabbat Karta Hai

Koi Suraj Se Mohabbat Karta Hai,

Hum Unse Mohabbat Karte Hain

Jo Hum Se Mohabbat Karte Hain…

Happy Valentine’s Day


Apni TAQLEEF Me Mujhe Umeed Samjhna.

Koi GUM Aaye To Aapne NAZDEEK Samjhna,

De Saku HANSI Us Ansu Ke Badle Toh

Hazaro K Beech Mujhe Sabse KAREEB Samjhna.


Aaj Barish Me Tere Sang NAHANA Hai,

Sapna Ye Mera Kitna SUHANA Hai,

Barish Ki Boondein Jo Gire Tere HONTHON Pe,

Unhe Apne HONTHON Se Uthana Ha


Aapki Yado K Bina Ek Pal Nahi Rehna

Aapse Door Rehne Ka Dard Nahi Sahna

Sirf Ek Bat Kehni Thi Aapse

Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna

Happy Valentine’s Day


What Do Single People Call Valentine’s Day?






Happy Independence Day

Har Roj Peeta Hu Tere Chhod Jane Ke Gum Mein

Warna Peena Ka Mujhey Bhi Koi Shauk Nahi

Bahut Yaad Aate Hain Tere Sath Gujare Hue Lamhe

Warna Mar Mar KE Jeene Ka Mujhe Bhi Koi Shauk Nahi


Dost Aaye The Kabr Pe Diye Jalane Ke Liye……

Dost Aaye The Kabr Pe Diye Jalane Ke Liye

Rakha Hua Phool Bhi Le Gye Kamine Valentine Day Manane Ke Liye…..


Phool Banker Muskurana Hai Zindagi

Muskuara Ke Gum Bhulana Hai Zindagi

Jeet Kar Koi Khush Ho To Kya Hua

Haar Kar Bhi Khushiyaan Manana Hai Zindagi


Chala Ja Re Sms Ban Ke Gulaab

Hogi Sachhi Dosti Ko Aayega Jawaab

Agar Na Aaye To Mat Hona Udaas

Bas Samjh Lena Ki Mere Liye Waqt Nahi Tha Unke Paas


Valentines Day Without A Boyfriend

Or A Girlfriend Is Not Bad,



But Mothers Day Without A Mother

Is Very Painful..!!

Agree Or Not?


Girl Updates Her Faceook Status Online Valentine’s Day


राखकेनीचे, आगदबीहोतीहै!

Boy Comments:


Happy Valentine’s Day


Na To YAADO Ko Yaad Rakhte Hain

Na Hi SAPNO Ko Saath Rakhte Hain

Hum To Buss Unko Yaad Rakte Hain

Jo Hamein Dil Ke Pass Rakhte Hain.


Hum Tere Sath Chalenge Tu Chale Na Chale,

Tera Har Dard Sahenge Tu Kahe Ya Na Kahe,

Hum Chahte Hai Ki Tum Sada Khush Raho,

Hum Chahe Rahe Ya Na Rahe..

Happy Valentines Day Messages 2017 in Urdu

Kaanto Ke Badle Phool Kya Doge

Aansoon Ke Badle Khushi Kya Doge

Hum Chahate Aap Se Umar Bhar Ka Saath

Hamare Iss Sawal Ka Jawab Kya Doge…!!


Jab Tanhai Me Aapki Yaad Aati Hai,

Hontho Pe Ek Hi Fariyad Aati Hai…

Khuda Aapko Har Khushi De,

Kyonki Aaj Bhi Hamari Har Khushi Aapke Baad Aati Hai..

Happy Valentine’s Day !!


Dosti Mein Duriyaan Toh Aati Jaati Rehti Hain,

Fir Bhi Dosti Dilon Ko Milati Rehti Hain,

Woh Dost Hi Kya Jo Naaraz Na Ho,

Par Sachchi Dosti Doston Ko Manati Rehti Hain..


Jheel Si Aankhon Me Utar Gaya Hai Koi…

Dil Ke Jharoke Me Bas Gaya Hai Koi…

Kitni Pyaari Hawaye Chal Rahi Hai…

Lagta Hai Mere Dil Ka Haal Jaan Gaya Hai Koi…

Bhar Liya Hai Apne Aagosh Me Mujhe Koi…

Ab To Unki Nazron Se Bachna Bhi Na Mumkin Lagta Hai…

Ab To Badal Bhi Barasne Ko Tyaar Hai…

Jaise Mere Pyaar Me Bhigne Ko Raaji Hai Koi…!!!


Kuchh Nazron Ki Tahreer Padhne Se Pahle…

Haal-E-Dil Zubaan Pe Lane Se Pahle…

Mai Tere Dil Me Basna Chahta Hoon…

Tu Bata De Mujhe Dil Lagane Se Pahle…

Ki Mai Khud Ko Tujhme Fana Chahta Hoon…

Mai Bata Doon Tujhe Tujhko Churane Se Pahle…

Ki Mai Tere Aankho Me Khawab Sajana Chahat Hoon…

Mai Bata Doon Tumhe Muskurane Se Pahle…

Ki Mai Tujhse Mohabbate-E-Wafa Chahta Hoon….!!!



Ye Kaisa Khumaar Hai Tere Pyaar Ka…

Teri Mauzudgi Har Jagah Maloom Hoti Hai…

Jab Bhi Dekhta Hoon Mai Tujhe To…

Har Baar Pahli Mulakaat Yaad Aati Hai…

Tu Sama Gai Hai Mujhme Is Tarah…

Ki Har Surat Me Mujhe Tu Hi Tu Nazar Aati Hai….!!!



Unhe Khud Bhi Nahi Hai Pata Wo Kitni Khaas Hai…

Dil Me Hai Wo Meri Fir Bhi Mere Pyaar Se Anjaan Hai

Unke Dur Hone Se Kya Fark Padta Hai…

Wo Kal Bhi Hamare Thi Aur Aaj Bhi Hamari Hai….!!!



Tujhe Dekhe Bina Teri Tasweer Bana Sakta Hoon…

Bina Mile Hi Tujhse Tera Haal Bata Sakta Hoon…

Hai Meri Mohabbat Me Itna Asar…

Teri Aankho Ka Aansoo Apni Aankho Se Chhalka Sakta Hoon…!!!



Bandh Lein Hath Peh Sine Peh Saja Lein Tum Ko

Ji Mein Aata Hai Keh Taweez Bana Lein Tum Ko

Kabhi Khabon Ki Tarah Aankh Ke Parde Mein Raho

Kabhi Khahish Ki Tarah Dil Mein Bula Lein Tum Ko


Dil Mein Hum Aik Hi Jazbe Ko Samoyen Kese,

Ab Tujhe Paa Ke Yeh Uljhan Hai Ke Khoye Kese,

Zehen Chhalni Jo Kiya Hai, To Yeh Majboori Hai,

Jitne Kaante Hain, Woh Talwon Mein Piroyen Kese


Khwaboon Mein Tera Chehraa Parhtaa Hoon,

Khawaab Ko Haqeeqat Banaoon Kaise !!!

Ikhteyaar Mein Mere Ab Kuch Bhi Nahin,

Akele Ik Aashiyaan Banaaon Kaise !!!


Chehrey Per Banawat Ka Gussa,

Aankhon Say Chalakta Pyar Bhi Hai,

Is Shauq-E-Ada Ko Kya Kahiye Inkar Bhi Hai

Iqraar Bhi Hai..

Ajj Iqraar Ker Hi Do..Dear..

Happy Valentine’s Day..


Khushi Se Dil Ko Aabad Karna…

Aur Gham Ko Dil Se Azad Karna,

Hamari Bus Itni Gujarish Hai Ke Hame Bhi

Din Me Ek Baar YAAD Karna…

Happy Valentine Day!


Tera Har Sapna Pura Ho

Na Koi Bhi Sapna Adhura Ho

Tu Khush Rahe Khuda Kare

Mera Dil To Bas Yahi Dua Kare

Happy Valentine’s Day


Aankhon Ko Ek Hi Murat Dikhayideti Hai.

Khuli Ho Ya Band Teri Surat Dikhayideti Hai.

Har Waqt Rehta Hu Duba Tere Khyalomein.

Pukarta Koi Or Hai Aawaz Teri Sunayideti Hai.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Geet Nahi Koi Teri Aawaj Chahta Hu

Gulaab Nahi Koi Teri Muskaan Chahta Hu

Premi Hu Mein Tere Pyar Ka

Bas Isi Pyar Ki Pehchan Chahta Hu

Love U So Much

Happy Valentine’s Day


Pyar Mein Tere Mera Aisa Haal Hua

Bin Tere Mein Kabhi Hasta Nahi

Kar Yakin Meri Mohabbat Ka O Sanam

Tere Siwa Mere Dil Mein Koi Basta Nahi

Happy Valentine’s Day


Tum Subhah To Mein Shaam Ki Tarah

Tum Khushiyon Ke Paigam Ki Tarah

Tumhe Kaise Mein Bhula Sakte Hu

Tum Yaad Rahogey Mujhe Mere Naam Ki Tarah

Happy Valentine’s Day


Tu Chamakta Chand Hai Teri Roshni

Achi Lagti Hai.

Tu Meri Apni Hai Teri Dil Lagi

Achi Lagti Hai.

Zindagi Mein Nahi Tha Koi Maza Meri

Tu Mili To Ab Mujhe Zindagi

Achi Lagti Hai.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Kash Tum Chand Or Mein Sitara Hota.

Dur Kahi Aasam Mein Aashiyana Hamara Hota.

Hote Tum Dur Duniya Ki Nazron Se

Or Aapko Chune Ka Hak Sirf Hamara Hota.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Apni Ek Muskaaan Mujhe De Diyo.

Sapne Mein Ek Dedaar Hi De Diyo.

Ek Baar Kar Liyo Aane Ka Wada.

Phir Chahe Umer Bhar Intezar De Diyo.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Tumhe Kya Pta Tumhe Kitna Hum Chahte Hain.

Pyar Usse Kahi Jyada Hai Jitna Hum Jatate Hain.

Aap Bhi Tadapte Ho Yaad Mein Hamari.

Yeh Aapke Alfaaz Hume Batate Hain.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Bechain Rehti Hain Aankhein Meri

Ek Tu Hi Acha Lagta Hai

Jhuti Lagti Hai Duniya Sari

Ek Tu Hi Sacha Lagta Hai

Happy Valentine’s Day


Apke Aane Se Zindagi Kitni Khubsurat Hai,

Dil Me Basi Hai Jo Wo Apki Hi Surat Hai,

Door Jaana Nahi Humse Kabhi Bhulkar Bhi,

Hume Har Kadam Per Aapki Zarurat Hai.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


ISHQ Kar Deta Hai Bekarar,

Bhar Deta Hai Pathar K Dil Mei Pyar,

Har 1 Ko Nahi Milti Zindagi Ki Yeh Bahar,Kyunki

ISHQ Ka Dusra Naam Hai INTEZAR.


Apne Dil Mein Tumhare Pyar Ki Dastaan Likhi Hai,

Na Thodi Na Bahut Tamaam Likhi Hai !

Kabhi Humaare Liye Bhi Dua Kar Liya Karo,

Kyon Ki Humne Apni Har Ik Saans Tumhare Naam Likhi Hai !!


Woh Hata Rahen Hain Parda Sar-E-Aam Chupke Chupke

Koi Qatal Ho Raha Hai Dar-E-Baam Chupke Chupke

Ye Jhuki Jhuki Nigahain Ye Haseen Haseen Ishare

Kahen Le Na Jaye Shayad Meri Jaan Chupke Chupke


Itne Saalon Ke Intejar Ke Baad,

Aaj Mai Khushi Se Samundar Bhar Du,

Tumhare Is Ha Sunne Ke Baad,

Kahi Is Smaundar Me Hi Dub Na Jaun.


Khwabon Mein Aate Ho TUM,

Yaadon Mein Aate Ho TUM,

Jahan Mein Jau,Jahan Mein Dekhu

Mujhe Nazar Aate Ho TUM…

I Think I Am In Love..Happy Valentine Day


Sene Mein Raaz E Ishq Chupaya Na Jaye Ga

Ye Aag Wo Hai Jis Ko Dabaya Na Jaye Ga

Sun Lejiye Ke Hai Abhi Aghaaz E Ashqui

Phir Hum Se Apna Haal Sunaya Na Jaye Ga


Kaash Tu Samaj Sakta Hum Wafadar Kitne Hain

Tujhe Khabar Hi Nahi Tere Hum Tarafdar Kitne Hain

Duniya Ka Pata Na Koi Khabar Apni

Ishq Mein Tere Hum Lachar Kitne Hain


Tumse Mila Main Kal To,

Mere Dil Mein Hua Ek Sound,

Lekin Aaj Tum Mili To

Kehti Ho: Your File Not Found!


Pyaar Koi Cheez Nahi, Jise Mehnat Se Haasil Kiya Ja Sake

Pyaar Koi Mukaddar Nahi, Jise Taqdeer Pe Chhoda Ja Sake

Pyaar Ek Yaqeen Hai, Bharosa Hai…

Lekin Yeh Itna Aasaan Nahi, Ki Kisi Pe Bhi Kiya Jaa Sake


Tum Jis Khawab Mein Ankhain Kholo, Us Ka Roop Amar

Tum Jis Rang Ka Kapara Pehno, Wo Mason Ka Rang

Tum Jis Phool Ko Hans K Dekho, Kabhi Na Murjhae

Tum Jis Harf Per Ungli Rakh Do Woo Roshon Ho Jae


Doori Ho To Ehsas Hota Hai,

Dost Ke Bina Jiwan Kitna Udaas Hota Hai.

Umar Ho Apki Sitaro Jitni Lambi,

Aisa Dost Kahan Har Kisi Ke Pas Hota Hai


Ek Ajeeb Si Gaflat Ho Gaee Hay….

Hameen Tum Say Ulfat Ho Gaee Hay….

Tumhay Maloom Hay Kehti Hay Dunyeah….

Mujhe Tum Say Mohabat Ho Gaee Hay….


Kehne Ko To Buhut Kuch Hai,Kuch Apna Sa Kehna Chahti Hoon,

Jo Tumare Dil Ko Chu Jaye,Tumara Man Uchal Jaye,

Haan !Main Wohi Kehna Chahti Hoon Jo Tumari Or Meri Zindagi Badal Day,Janam HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY


Pal Pal Tarsey Jis Pal K Liay.. Wo Pal B Tehra Tu Kuch Pal K Liay..

Socha Tha Isey Zindagi Ka Haseen Pal Bana Loon.. Par Ye Pal Tehra B Tu Kuch Pal K Liay.

Miss U On Valentine’s Day.


Kashish Honi Chahiye Kisi Ko Yaad Karne Ki,

Lamhe To Apne Aap Mil Jayenge,

Waqt Hona Chahiye Kisi Ko Milne Ka,

Bahane To Apne Aap Hee Mil Jayenge.


Guzar Jai Ga Yeah Din Yar

Gar Tum Kartay Ho Kisi Say Payar

Milay Ga Na Aisa Moqa Kabhi

Phir Bohat Pachtao Gay Tum Yar

Issi Liyay Kehtay Hain Tumsay

K Kar Lo Tum Jaldi Jaldi Izhar


Raaz Yeh Nahi Hai Kay Humne Aapse Pyar Kiya

Raaz Yeh Hai Kay Hamne Kabhi Izhaar Naa Kiya

Aap To Itne Naadan They Kay Samajh Naa Sake

Varna Hamari Nazron Ne To Kabhi Ka Ikraar Tha Kiya


Jazbat-E-Ishq Nakaam Na Hone Denge

Dil Ki Duniya Me Kabhi Shaam Na Hone Denge

Dosti Ka Har Ilzaam Apne Sar Par Le Lenge

Par Dost Hum Tumhe Badnaam Na Hone Denge

Meri Dewangi Ki Koi Had Nahi

Teri Surat Ke Siwa Kuch Yaad Nahi

Main Hoon Phool Tere Gulshan Ka

Tere Siwa Mujh Pe Kisi K Ahaq Nahi

Happy Valentine’s Day Sweety


Hasratein Hain Bahut Magar Tumse Main Kya Kahoon

Leke Bahon Me Main Tumhe Pyaar Humesha Karta Rahoon

Khwahishe Hain Bahut Magar Tumse Main Ab Kya Kahoon

Hadh Se Aage Guzar Ke Bhi Ab Tumse Ishq Karta Rahoon


Jab Samne Hote Ho Tum ..

Na Jane Kyo Hosh Kho Baith The Hai Hum..

Milti Hai Nazar Jab Jab Tumse..

Sab Kuch Bhul Jate Hai Hum..

Hoti Hai Tu Itne Kareeb..

Phir Bhi Dil Ki Baat Kehne Se Ruk Jate Hum.

Will You Be My Valentine….!!


Tumhare Saath Rehte-Rehte,

Tumhari Chahat Si Ho Gayi Hai..

Tumse Baat Karte Karte

Tumhari Aadat Si Ho Gayi Hai

Ek Pal Naa Mile Toh Bechani Si Lagti Hai

Dosti Nibhaate-Nibhaate,

Tumse Mohabbat Si Ho Gayi Hai…!!

I Love You Baby…Will U Be My Valentine ?


Ikrar Me Shabdo Ki Ehmiyat Nahi Hoti

Dil Ke Jazbaat Ki Awaaz Nahi Hoti

Aankhen Byan Kr Deti Hain Dil Ki Dastaan

Mohabbat Lafzo Ki Mohtaaj Nahi Hoti


Pyaar Ki Aanch Se To Patthar Bhi Pighal Jata Hai,

Sache Dil Se Sath De To Naseeb Bhi Badal Jata Hai,

Pyar Ki Rahon Par Agar Mil Jaye Sacha Hamsafar,

To Pyar Wo Ehsas H Jisse Har Insan Sambhal Jata H

Happy Valentine Day


Kuch Sochu To Tera Khayal Aata Hai

Kuch Bolu To Tera Naam Aata Hai

Kab Tak Main Chupao Apne Dil Ki Baat

Uskihar Ad Ape Hume Pyaar Aata He


Meri Bas Ek Tamanna Thi Jo Hasrat Ban Gayi,

Kabhi Tumse Dosti Thi Ab Mohabbat Ban Gayi,

Kuch Es Tarah Shamil Hue Tum Zindagi Me Ki,

Sirf Tujhe Hi Sochte Rehna Meri Aadat Ban Gayi.

Happy Valentine Day


Kab Unki Palko Se Izhaar Hoga

Dil Ke Kisi Kone Me Humare Liye Pyaar Hoga

Guzar Rahi He Har Raat Unki Yaad Main

Kabhi To Unko Bhi Humara Intezaar Hoga…

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